What is PowerSwim?


The PowerSwim is a very large spa that uses powerful jets to create a swift counter-current. The result is a pool which offers therapy and relaxation.

thPowerswim-+-Spa-(2)The PowerSwim is the ideal marriage of pool and Spa. It is ideal for regular exercise, swimming, or aqua-jogging, as well as the enjoyment, comfort and relaxation of hot water.

he PowerSwim can easily be placed in a garden, terrace or even in the interior of a house. Its small “foot print” answers the need for both a pool and a spa in areas where space is constrained.




With an adaptable current of between 730 and 2.200 litres by minute, the PowerSwim adjusts to every style of swimming and to every exercise level.

With six high flow jets, three pumps and three air regulators, the PowerSwim creates the ideal current for any intensity or exercise desired.

thPowerswim-DetailsThe PowerSwim has been designed from the ground up for durability, luxury and most important, for utility. The PowerSwim is one of the deepest swim spas manufactured allowing actual water depth of up to 140cm or as shallow as 130cm. Design innovations such as our exclusive “no slip” floor makes the PowerSwim perfect for aqua-jogging.




The water temperature of the PowerSwim is maintained at the user’s desired setting. The PowerSwim is ready to go anytime in any season of the year.

Equipped with two LED lights, the PowerSwim can illuminated at night for exercise or set to “lightshow”, creating an array of effects and colours in the lights designed to showpiece the PowerSwim spa.


Water Treatment


thPowerswim-BuiltInContrary to conventional swimming pools, the PowerSwim requires low maintenance to keep the water clean and in perfect condition.

The PowerSwim is equipped with a high efficient filtration system, comprised of three cartridge filters and a power saving circulation pump.

In addition, the PowerSwim is equipped with a ozone generator (O³) to purify the water.




With its superior isolation of polyurethane foam and an isothermal cover, the PowerSwim is designed to re-circulate heat provided by the pumps and other mechanical components as well as to conserve heat-loss through the use of the most modern and efficient components available.




The PowerSwim can be equipped with panels and a stainless steel or galvanized iron frame to allow it to be installed as a stand-alone portable structure.

Due to its portability, the PowerSwim has a simple, fast, installation.

The PowerSwim, as with all Spa Crest Spas, can be re-installed in another location as required in future.


Compatibility with the Spa Crest Spas


It is possible to combine a PowerSwim with other Spa Crest Spas, providing all of the advantages of regular exercise in hot water and the therapeutic hydro massage of other traditional Spa Crest Spas


Technical Specifications


  • Dimensions: 4,30 x 2,32 x 1,58m (or with 1,28m)
  • Capacity: 7,000L (6,000L in the 1,28m)
  • Cartridge Filters: 2 x 100 Sq. Ft.
  • Balboa System
  • Heater: 3,000 W
  • Filter Pump: 1,000 W
  • Current Pump: 3 x 1,800 W (3 x 5 HP pumps)
  • Venturi Regulators: 3
  • Ozonator
  • LED Lamps: 2
  • Isothermical Cover
  • No. of Jets: 6 + 1

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


Image Gallery

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