601 Duke SE

As per the Duke S1, but with the soft-tissue massage of a 1HP air-blower, additional jets and a low-energy circulation pump.


Dimensions: 76.5″ x 76.5″ x 34″ / 194cm x 194cm x 86cm

Water Capacity: 350 Gallons / 1325 Litres

Seating Capacity: 5

Dry Weight: 600lbs / 272 kg

Filtration: 50 sq. ft. / 4.65m M²

Total Jets: 45/43 (Lower jet count when pillow is chosen in lieu of neck jets)

Polystorm Jets: 10

Mini-storm Jets: 4

Cluster Jets: 17/19 (Pillow/Neck Jets)

Air Injector Jets: 12

Air Blower: 1 HP

Pumps: Pumps 5.0HP Circulation pump

Electricity: 20 amp / 220V







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